Work-Life Balance

A healthy work life balance is dividing your time and energy between work and family or other activities. It’s important to have a life outside your work for your well being and happiness.

Some facts a mental health survey found are-

  • one third respondents feel unhappy about the time they devote to work
  •  the more hours you spend at work, the more hours outside of work you are likely to spend thinking or worrying about it
  • when working long hours more than quarter of the employees feel depressed.

Your employers should be made aware if the work is getting too much or affecting your mental health. Taking part in activities that can reduce stress outside work can help maintain some balance, such as- exercising, yoga, sports, dancing or even just watching something on Netflix can reduce the stress. Taking proper breaks at work can relax your mind and help you concentrate better. It is crucial to make sure that you spend enough time at work and with your loved ones but most importantly you set some time aside for yourself. Work life balance will make the employees happy which leads to them staying put at the job. It is not just beneficial for you but also for your employer. If your mental state is happy you will perform better at work and generate good results for the company. As an employer you can encourage your employees to take more breaks and offer flexible timings. Host team outings and activities regularly to take their mind off work for a day.

Not a lot of people are aware about the mental issues work life balance can cause. It’s one among the reasons for stress and depression among adults. Your health is the most important thing and it’s a topic that people need to talk about and be made aware about.

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