Keeping it simple

After reading my past five blogs it must be pretty evident that this is the first time i am doing this. Trust me, it is and I still haven’t gotten the hang of it. Each time i sit down to write a blog, I spend hours trying to find a topic which I feel is worth writing, hence the completely random five blogs.

Now I have come to an agreement with myself that a blog doesn’t necessarily have to be about an important event, world threat or even a much debated topic. You can get those information from the news, so why read a blog ?

Keeping things simple in all aspects of life is something people forget to do (my case right here). That is where the beauty is lost. Keeping it simple helps you to be good at what you do. Even in terms of business, companies who keep it simple tend to succeed more than the rest.

I believe this is a valuable yet easy cue that anyone can think of but very few can carry out.

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