A new journey.

Hi, I am Gokul Subhash and this is my first blog page. Here I’ll be publishing few facts and topics that have triggered my interest. I hope you will enjoy reading it. Cheers! Advertisements

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Keeping it simple

After reading my past five blogs it must be pretty evident that this is the first time i am doing this. Trust me, it is and I still haven’t gotten the hang of it. Each time i sit down to write a blog, I spend hours trying to find a topic which I feel is […]

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Brexit is a term that has been much talked about and heard for almost 3 years and is still going despite there being a vote. But why are people still talking about it? It is known that a little over half of the total voters, voted for Britain’s Exit, which was primarily due to the […]

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Renewable Energy

Global Warming is an alarming concern for today’s generation. The catastrophic impact of it can be seen in day to day life. Glaciers are melting, rivers are drying up, accelerating increase in the sea level, and flash floods are some of the few effects of global climate change. As stated by Dennis J. Hall “We […]

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Managing People

Every strong and successful business starts with a great management that has a defining contribution to the business. What makes a manager great is the capability to increase engagement in their employees and bring out the best version of the employees that work under them. A manager not only needs to see who is fit […]

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Work-Life Balance

A healthy work life balance is dividing your time and energy between work and family or other activities. It’s important to have a life outside your work for your well being and happiness. Some facts a mental health survey found are- one third respondents feel unhappy about the time they devote to work  the more […]

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Business Buzzwords

Entering the world of business whether it be through undergraduate and post graduate degrees or the corporate companies opens you up to a whole new dictionary of business Buzzwords that becomes part of your vocabulary that you use to communicate to your co-workers or aspirants. It becomes a whole new language that you and your […]

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