A new journey.

Hi, I am Gokul Subhash and this is my first blog page. Here I’ll be publishing few facts and topics that have triggered my interest. I hope you will enjoy reading it. Cheers!

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Gokul’s Reflective Essay

With the second semester coming to an end, I can look back at the whole journey and boldly say that it was a very informative and exciting one with a lot of lessons learnt and experiences gained. The exposure I got during the past months, be it in class or outside, will definitely prove to […]

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How important is Value Proposition?

Individuals who seek to be an entrepreneur must be prepared to find a way to characterize and assess their thoughts so as to approve the potential accomplishment of their startup. The incentive is critical at the beginning period of the current of the organization since it sets a portion of the establishments for future business […]

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Bright Ideas Grand Final

Bright Ideas competition is an annual student competition designed to give all students the opportunity to develop an idea from scratch, evaluate the idea and to win a prize money as well as opportunity to grow further. Any student can enter with any idea of their own or as a group, which solves an issue […]

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Eden Walk Trade Fair

Our second trade fair was a stepping stone for most of the groups as it was the first time that we as a company were to interact and sell our product or service to the live market. The first trade fair we had taken part in was held inside our university with the interactions coming […]

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Dragon’s Den Final

On the 15th of march 2019, we as a team had to do our final pitch for the Dragon’s Den Final. It was the first time that I had pitched in front of potential investors. It consisted of a panel with 4 judges to grade us on our pitching skills, the product or service we […]

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Lean Canvas

The Lean Canvas model by Ash Maurya is a one page business plan template idea derived from Alex Osterwalder’s Business Model Generation and optimized for the Lean Startup methodology with a big emphasis on finding customer problems worth solving. The design goal when creating the Lean Canvas was ensuring it was accessible to anyone in […]

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